New Smashing Pumpkins Video – “That’s The Way (My Love Is)”

Been a lot of shots fired at Billy since he announced the “reunion” of the Pumpkins. (And just when you thought it’d died down, Trent Reznor got in on the fun.) In fairness, he’s done plenty to make himself a Target. But bullshit aside, “That’s The Way (My Love Is)” isn’t only the finest song on Zeitgeist … it’s just a fine song. And unlike the green-screensaver slop that was “Tarantula,” the clip for “That’s The Way” has a touch of tact and interstellar class. Sure, it’s got high concept written on it (Pumpkins in space, jamming on a satellite), but not in that please-look-at-me vinyl-cape-wearing way. (In fact, Billy’s dressing downright earthly in this one). The floating facial reflections, the cosmic dreaminess … it’s all right on point. Guess you can cut the shit when you know you’ve got a jam on your hands.