New Kings Of Leon – “My Party (Kenna & Chad Hugo Remix)

The circumstances surrounding this one are a little murky, but here’s what we gather: At some point, someone in camp Leon commissioned a remix album for Because Of The Times, and Kenna (along with Virginia Beach compatriot Chad Hugo) got the call to take on the raw-chugging rocker “My Party.” But as these things go, the album ended up a music-industry fatality, and Kenna ‘n’ the Neptune man were sitting on their beat-laced take on the KoL track. Talks abound about what’ll happen to the completed cuts, but it looks like they’re gonna be seeping their way around the web soon enough. Yesterday, the stripped, rim-clickin’ “My Party” made it into our inbox, so get yer grab on.

Kings Of Leon – “My Party (Kenna And Chad Hugo Remix)” (MP3)

Anybody have anymore info about the scrapped remix album? If we hear anything, we’ll letcha know. Enjoy.