Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Show Carson Daly “Young Adult Friction”

Long ago BTW and all-around hardworkers Pains Of Being Pure At Heart recently capped a few big months (and a zillion SXSW appearances) with their network television debut on Last Call With Carson Daly. (Well, maybe that’s considered anti-climax.) Their rendition of “Young Adult Friction” isn’t the best we’ve heard, but since it was their first time with this many viewers, and it was the great Carson Daily’s show, I can cut vocalist/guitarist Kip Berman slack for starting out nervous. Anyway, that sort of vulnerability is what this sort of indie pop is all about, no? (And this sort of indie pop isn’t usually jangled through on a late night stage, yes.) Portions of the non-baseball-cap-wearing crowd seemed stoked, which may very well have Black Tambourine considering a reunion.

Don’t forget the kids cozy at home.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is out via Slumberland.