New Gravenhurst Video – “Hollow Men”

Trust” was one of our favorite tracks/vids of the summer, and now Gravenhurst follow that cut’s drifting, shoegazer melancholia with something more urgent on “Hollow Men,” the second single from the forthcoming The Western Lands. In “Hollow Men,” Nick Talbot and the boys are cast in film-y b&w interspersed with a a landfill, war machines, grinning video game scarecrows, political sloganeering, all sorts of weaponry, and a lil’ birdy giving that knowing sideways stare. Ah, nature, you’re so wise! The track’s occasional noise bursts go well with the morning coffee, and even if there wasn’t that burning scarecrow, the feedback bursts would still make us think of Sonic Youths’ use of dusky, melancholic distortion on Bad Moon Rising. The rest? Much like you’d expect from a thoughtful four-eyed British pop-shoegazer referencing a death, apocalypse (and, yup, scarecrow) filled T.S. Eliot. poem, though this tune definitely ends with a bang — actually, an explosion, or two — not a whimper.

The Western Lands is out 9/10 in the UK and 9/18 in the US via Warp.

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