New Pinback Video – “From Nothing To Nowhere”

Somehow or the other we wind up talking about Rob Crow every week. Maybe ’cause we’ve got a big ol’ crush on that crazy bearded SoCal indie rock songwriting machine. Today’s excuse? New vid from Pinback, for the kick-ass lead track from their seasonally seasoned LP Autumn Of The Seraphs (out this fall!). Not much to tell ya about this one: Pinback under the pitch-black sky, bathed by flood lights and some luminescent sky madness, rocking “From Nothing To Nowhere” from the middle of nowhere. (Or, after seeing that slight screen warp at the end, maybe from Roswell…)

The clip stays here, but at least you can take the song home with ya…

Pinback – “From Nothing To Nowhere” (MP3)

Or watch the unofficial Alternate Pinback Video (Feat. The Breakfast Club). Two weeks, Bender…

Autumn Of The Seraphs is out 9/11 on Touch and Go.

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