Grizzly Bear/Kevin Drew/Feist @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn 8/29/07

Didn’t get around to posting pics from the final installment (for now) of the roving, BSS-based indie sweep that’s been working its way through NYC this week. The first chapter came at the Bookeaters benefit, where the Feist/Kevin Drew ‘n’ Brendan Canning/Grizzly Bear train had help from folks like Jim James and Britt Daniel; the next night it was on to Letterman for “1234” with assists from the National, the New Pornos, and Mates Of State; and Tuesday night at McCarren the crew was scaled back to a manageable size, for full sets in Brooklyn’s hippest, most water-free pool. A door snafu kept us out front during Grizzly’s entire set (and most of Kevin’s), but damn they sounded great. With the release of the forthcoming Friend EP, soon they’ll have even more to draw on than just Yellow House, but we’re always amazed at how fresh and moving those tunes sound the 20th, 40th, and 101st times you see ‘em live.

Kevin’s set was all Spirit If… with one tune from BSSer Brendan Canning’s forthcoming, undoubtedly cameo-filled solo release, closing on two Broken Social jams (“Superconnected” which we heard at Bookeaters, and “Major Label Debut” with Feist on tambourine and some “yeaah”s). Drew’s new crew includes American Analog Set man Andrew Kenny on all sorts of instruments and vocals, which was a thrill, but the energy level for the Kevin hour stayed at a relatively low level.

On the up side, who knew Feist could carry a large, outdoor space on her pipes alone? Definitely expected to walk out with a snobbish “she was so much better at Town Hall” — and though that was probably true (that room is built for feistiness), tunes like “So Sorry,” “The Water,” and great takes on “Mushaboom” and “Intuition” carried all the way back, gripping even those griping about the always pleasant (read: asinine) Live Nation beer ticket/purchase system. Leslie had a new guitar in tow, which was dubbed “McCarren” from here on out; but after her stories about the “slow burn” that NYC has been and recalling her first shows at Ludlow Street’s Living Room she won’t need to look at that acoustic to remember Tuesday. No big superjam, no big complaints; this week has been plenty. Feist setlist and pics of Kevin Drew/Andrew Kenny/assorted Broken Social Sceners await you below.

01 “When I Was A Young Girl”
02 “So Sorry”
03 “My Moon My Man”
04 “The Park”
05 “The Limit To Your Love”
06 “I Feel It All”
07 “In My Hands” (cover of tune by Tony Sherr of Living Room fame)
08 “Leisure Suit”
09 “Brandy Alexander”
10 “Phantoms”
11 “Past In Present”
12 “The Water”
13 “Mushaboom”
14 “1234”
15 “Intuition”
16 “Sea Lion Woman”
17 “Let It Die”