New Britney Spears – “Gimme More”

Yep, another new one from Ms. Spears. After the accusing-phone-call tripe of the last one, we’ll understand if you never even get around to listening. There’s some dispute among the staff as we can’t tell if we feel sorry for her or our expectations are so low, but “Gimme More,” which in fairness is her real shot at a comeback single (produced by Timbaland protégé Nate ‘Danja’ Hills of Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake fame) is pretty good! Better than Heidi from the Hills, anyway. It’s a shot at a club burner; it ain’t “Toxic,” but the hook’s fun to sing and you can imagine the TRL kids giving their V-Chat shoutouts over it pretty easily. But Busta Rhymes did it better. Listen at Perez.

So is this finally enough to get back into the listening public’s good graces? Guess we’ll see — supposedly this is the track she’ll be performing at the VMAs this year. Probably not though. The public’s been given such a window into her life, at this point it’s very difficult not to marvel at how dumb she is. Like, at first it was ‘girl is not smart!’ and now it’s ‘she lacks common sense … sad.’ You really get the picture she thinks she can leave her kids in the yard with some Red Bull while she gets stoned and picks out her hair extensions.

Welcome back Brit!