New Streets Video – “On The Edge Of A Cliff”

Mike Skinner’s given us one video that made us cry and one that didn’t since he got all mature and stuff on Everything Is Borrowed. “On The Edge Of A Cliff” is like the Streets MC’s personal Paolo Coehlo story, being visited by a wise old man and getting a pep talk on survival just as he was ready to end it all, and its Big Meaning anecdote is portrayed here powerfully by some simple juxtaposition: Mike had a life changing conversation, but the change was subtle; dude’s still hanging with his mates and building home studios after it. By the end, though, he has grown a beard and is dreaming of hanging out on cliffs to pay it forward, so maybe the ascetic-sage lifestyle brand isn’t too far off after all.

Everything Is Borrowed is out via 679/Vice.

Tags: The Streets