New Menomena Video – “Evil Bee”

It’s never been a better time to be a fan of footwear and indie rock. Rockers are constantly announcing their own lines of shoes, Adidas is curating comps of free and original futbol jamz, etc. The PF Flyers line in particular gets a resounding two toes up from us here, though, first for helping the well heeled Johnny Marr put out his signature brand of kicks, and now for underwriting a crazy cool Menomena vid for “Evil Bee.” It’s a collaboration in spirit (they “share [PF’s] passion for detail and design“) more than anything — i.e. there’s no bees rocking sneaks in the clip. But there are bees after all: of the animated variety, working with liquid extracts on assembly lines, being transformed into evil winged insects by the nefarious militaristic pigeons, fueling their diabolical avian overlords. Part National Geographic ‘circle of life’ style documentary, part IMAX flight of fancy, all awesome. This is how honey is made.

Friend And Foe is out on Barsuk. “Evil Bee” is directed by Stefan Nadelman.

Tags: Menomena