Das Racist – “Swate” (Feat. Lakutis)

Here’s a quick stopgap track from the Das Racist crew, whose mixtape muscle flexed from from Dudes II Men last year, and are some number of tracks into their proper full-length debut apparently titled RELAX. “Swate” is produced by Mike Finto with a verse from constant DR-periphery presence Lakutis, and Heems’s lines about dropping facts like snapple caps that he teased in this fun video interview/”freestyle” laid down for Pitchfork.com. House Of Pain callout’s de novo, though. Download:

Das Racist – “Swate”
(via ncb1979)

Also worth having: Heems’s remix of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”:

Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream (Heems Remix)”

If you missed their reference-rap referenced in a Dismemberment Plan rant, that happened, too.