New Decemberists – “Little Boxes” (Theme To Weeds)

Last night Weeds welcomed Matthew Modine to the cast! How … not as exciting as the creators think. And to usher in Matthew’s stint as the smarmy, township-of-Majestic rep guy, “Little Boxes” was Donovan-ized! So okay, none of your heart beats are pulsing any faster with that double shot, but maybe a trip over to the show’s site right about now will help: The Decemberists’ version of Malvina’s tune is up for streaming, and it’s cool! Finally, a sincere exclamation point. The cut starts reverently enough, but a minor key modulation takes things into more anxious, bad-high territory. Chris Funk explains…

Just watching this show makes me nervous. Whenever I smoke the stuff I end
up being that guy at the party that should have really just left the scene. You know; the fool so stoned that [he] becomes cemented to the cat pee smelling cracked pleather chair in the corner who?s creeping everyone out because he won?t talk to anyone and he won?t move for nothing.

So in doing this song, we thought it would be appropriate to have the chord progression shift to a minor key, suggesting a bit of tension and more directly, a darker tone. The song really isn?t that cheery when you dig a little deeper and get past that sweet voice and melody, in reality quite depressing?ah life.

Listen and love at (Thanks, Yiyo) And who honestly believes the show isn’t losing something with each ep? The kids know (and now Silas is dealing!), U-Turn’s sidekick is a bit too loveable and soft-hearted, Andy’s in the army now, etc. The first two seasons’ story arc were Emmy-worthy, but now the show’s plot/identity-crises is slowly making it as indistinguishable as those little boxes Malvina’s going on about. Snap.