2007 Mercury Prize Winner

Upset! The gambling men had Winehouse early, but those odds-dudes at Ladbrokes tend not to favor bloody, drugged-up skirmishes with boyfriends. Which meant the new favorite at the time of the ceremony was Bat For Lashes. But not even a little three-way with fellow Merc nominees Fionn Regan and Maps could cement it for our dear Natasha. Instead, and in proof that the Mercury Prize panel all have subscriptions to NME, this year’s winner is…

In case you don’t recognize ‘em minus the day glo, that’s Klaxons! The psych-y dance rockers pulled it out. And they were totally tripping onstage at the reception ceremony! Guardian reports…

Couldn’t catch everything they said during that acceptance speech – did you get it at home? I believe James said, “This is really too much… This is a joke” and related an anecdote about this time last year they were watching Arctic Monkeys win. Then I believe one of them wore a red telephone on his head. Then, they howled like Chewbacca into the mikes. Then, they all tripped over Jamie’s crutch and fell off the stage.

What, you thought they were on drugs? Too much NME for you, too. Here’s who they beat (along with odds upon announcement)…

Arctic Monkeys ? Favourite Worst Nightmare (4/1)
Amy Winehouse ? Back To Black (4/1)
Dizzee Rascal ? Maths + English (8/1)
Jamie T ? Panic Prevention (8/1)
Klaxons ? Myths Of The Near Future (8/1)
The View ? Hats Off To The Buskers (8/1)
Bat For Lashes ? Fur And Gold (10/1)
Fionn Regan ? The End Of History (10/1)
The Young Knives ? Voices Of Animals And Men (10/1)
Basquiat Strings ? Basquiat Strings (12/1)
New Young Pony Club ? Fantastic Playroom (12/1)
Maps ? We Can Create (12/1)

Venting is welcome.