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The 9 Best Videos Of The Week

This week’s best videos include clips from Rural Alberta Advantage, Rihanna, CocknBullKid, How To Dress Well, and Lord Huron. This week I’ve decided to start picking one extra video that isn’t one of the best of the week, but is still worth watching/talking about, like that excessively violent South Central video from last week. Or this week’s Alex Clare video. It’s NSFW without showing any violence or sex, but it very strongly implies both. From the comments it seems like a lot of people find it “powerful” etc., but after seeing “Love The Way You Lie” so much last year, I’m not sure I’m ready for another sexy domestic violence video. Maybe you are?

CockNBullKid – “Hold On To You Misery” (Dir. Elisha Smith-Leverock)

This video has a lot of dislikes on Youtube. I think it’s because of the song’s title and theme, as well as the adorable little girls who lip-sync the words. But UK singer Anita Blay (who has toured with Marina and the Diamonds and Kele Okereke) sings about misery the way Morrissey does, acknowledging that misery has its own power and pleasure. So the video’s joke isn’t the contrast between her lyrics and the bright, energetic action, it’s what they have in common.

Merak – “Delete Me” (Dir. Lukas Vojir)

Czech-born animator Lukas Vojir created this (unofficial?) video for DJ and fellow Czech Merak. I really like how his animations include so many textures and shapes, from chrome fractals to wiggling hairs and ink splatters. This is really a portfolio for Vojir’s work, but each tic is perfectly timed to the song.

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – “Elektrotechnique” (Dir. Lernert & Sander)

This could be the dirtiest video you’ve ever seen, or perhaps the dirtiest you’ve ever seen that doesn’t include a single human. You may recognize one of the pieces of furniture here from its cameo in Burn After Reading.

Rural Alberta Advantage – “Stamp” (Dir. José Lourenço)

This cute, caption-filled video of missed signals fits Rural Alberta Advantage (and their audience) perfectly. It also fits Michael Cera’a movie audience perfectly.

Happy Camper – “Born With A Bothered Mind” (Dir. Job, Joris & Marieke)

Happy Camper is the project name for singer/songwriter Job Roggeveen, who, according to his bio, actually travels and camps with 11 other singers who appear on his album. “Manfred” is the name of the band’s white yeti mascot. Normally I don’t go for these supercutesy animated videos, but Manfred is pretty irresistible, especially as you watch him navigate his hellish camping trip. (via Antville)

Kassidy – “I Don’t Know” (Dir. Ian Bonhôte) (NSFW)

Here’s a video treatment the band probably came up with: The four members of Kassidy play doctors, nurses, and orderlies in a mental hospital populated with models. Despite the brief NSFW-ness, the director focuses on the ladies’ quirks and awkwardness, so the video is actually quite funny and charming, especially the ending. (via Promo News)

Rihanna – “S&M” (Dir. Melina)

Rihanna’s been getting edgier with her videos. Unfortunately this one isn’t nearly as shocking as she thinks it is. But the colors are bright and Rihanna looks great, as do the sets and the Heatherette styling.

Honorable Mention:

How To Dress Well – “Suicide Dream 1″ (Dir. Jamie Harley)

Lord Huron – “The Stranger” (Dir. Jacob Mendel)

NSFW Video Of The Week:

Alex Clare – “Relax My Beloved” (Dir. Matei Alexandru Mocanu)

(via Antville)