Amy Winehouse Performs “Love Is A Losing Game” At Mercury Prize Ceremony

Amy’s drugged up campaign to ensure the Mercury Prize went to, well, a band that first made its name for saying things like “MDMAzing!” was a total success; she lost, Klaxons won. However those cuts and bruises from her wild night out with Blake did heal up nicely and in time for the mini soulstress to perform Back To Black acoustic jazzy jam “Love Is A Losing Game” in the for the Merc Prize ceremony. The attendees love it, and Jools practically orgasms onstage (“one of the most amazing voices … she has one of the best voices of all time”), but at this point, all of Amy’s coy and demure stage posturing is disturbing, and sad. Looks perfectly together and sounds great in one second, and then her Doherty double hubby comes and whisks her away, likely to the cracked out afterparty. Awesome. And, cringe. (Thanks, Teco Apple)