Make Beautiful Paper With Gwen Stefani

This one’s for the children (with printers). That’s right kids, starting today Hewlett Packard and Gwen Stefani are launching a joint venture to bring you into the always fashionable world of your favorite No Doubt breakout star and her Harajuku-oriented haute couture. Simply head to, get started customizing paper dolls, greeting cards, CD covers, etc. and download away. Perfect for your niece (and that’s the perfect thing to tell your friends if they catch you clicking).

But that’s not all! To continue this sweet escape, we’ve got a vid snippet of Stefani’s collab with Damien Marley on “Now That You Got It.” Last year’s uneven solo release didn’t turn out a lot that’s withstood repeat listens, but we give this one (and the weird animation) a thumbs up. Unfortunately there’s no printable Damien on that HP site, though you’d probably use up your printer cartridge recreating those natty dreads, mon.