Division Day Cover Sunny Day Real Estate

To celebrate a newly mastered and expanded Beartrap Island, Division Day’s in the midst of releasing previously unheard cover tunes and remixes every Tuesday for the next eight weeks along with tiny pieces of a map to … Beartrap Island. Today’s Wednesday, but we’re still recovering from the long weekend and the young L.A. quartet’s decision to get the ball rolling by taking on that other “day” band. No, not Green Day … read the headline.

Division Day – “Every Shining Time You Arrive” (MP3)

DD’s cover of Sunny Day Real Estate’s “Every Shining Time You Arrive” isn’t as great as the original, but it threw us into such fits of nostalgia, we spent all night with the old vinyl, replaying Diary (swoon), LP2 (swoon), and How It Feels To Be Something On (ditto), the 1998 reunion record where this monster of a tune originally appeared.

Props to the Divisors for inventively tackling it sans drums. Thing is, without SDRE’s dynamic range, the guys can’t muster the same sort of energy or emotion. Still, they get the complex sadness and romantic longing right, and the layers of cascades and seemingly Bobby McFerrin mouth blurts go somewhere the original doesn’t. In fact, it sounds a bit like a sparer Jeremy Enigk solo tune … right, minus those Seattle vocal acrobatics. Man, they were good!


The neo Beartrap Island is out 10/2 on Eenie Meenie.