PMP Stocking Stuffer Alert: iPod Touch Or Zune 2?

Let the holiday season music player battles begin. Both Apple and Microsoft have unveiled new options for you to mull over as you sock away pennies before the season for giving. We’ll start with the little we know of Zune 2, which comes courtesy of Gizmodo:

Looks like Zune devotees will now have an 80GB model and a nano-styled 4GB flash player to fondle. Or, to have tattooed. Also, they’ve taken $50 off the price of their 30GB, so that’s bowing at $199. Nothing to squirt over, surely. More substantive reports come on the Apple front courtesy of Steve’s little conference earlier today. As for new products, there’s a new Nano (short, vid capability), some new Shuffle colors, new prices on the “iPod Classic” ($249 for 80GB, $349 for 160GB), and the big news: iPod Touch…

An iPhone without the phone part. That means touch screen, pictures, video, and Wi-Fi (with Safari browser). Why Wi-Fi? For YouTubes and for — finally — mobile iTunes store accessibility. (Don’t worry iPhoners, you get the iTunes store widget, too — via iTunes software upgrade, tonight.) Another item for both iPod Touch and iPhone: A new Starubucks widget, which will pop on your PMP when you head in for a latte and give you the option to buy whatever’s playing at the time. Hear Now, believe later. The new iPods come in the touching prices of $299GB for 8GB, $399 for 16GB. Plus, there’s a price slash for iPhones (8GB for $399). Oh yeah, and ringtones for iPhone! But only for tracks you’ve purchased via iTunes, and only for an additional 99¢. Ugh. Someone needs to get that 17-year-old soldering iHack on this one.

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