The Strokes “Under Cover Of Darkness” Preview

Did you know it’s been five years since we heard any new music from the Strokes? I bet you didn’t know that, no one’s really mentioned it. (For those of you under 10, the Strokes were famous rock starts who dated models and didn’t wash their hair.) Between babies and rehab and overrated solo albums, work on Angles began over two years ago. It was a slow start fraught with artistic differences, but by the time the band’s 2010 festival gigs rolled around there were no signs of tension. A snippet of “Under Cover of Darkness” isn’t much to go on, but it gives at least a small sense of the “classic” Strokes sound Nicolai promised the BBC last month. H/T Amazon for debuting the 30 second teaser now ricocheting across the Twitterverse…

UPDATE: Hear the full track here.

Angles is out 3/22 via RCA. “Under Cover Of Darkness” hits iTunes/Amazon 2/11.

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