Yeah Yeah Yeahs Bring “Zero” To Jools Holland

This performance of It’s Blitz’s prime mover comes at just the right time: teasing YYYs upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live, restoring faith in the sound after the inevitable flood of unnecessary remixes. (I asked Brandon which hit the mixes best: “superfluous,” “subpar,” or “unnecessary,” and he said “all of them.”) Karen’s got the same leather on from the video and is less crazed onstage than I’m used to; Nick’s still reminding you that this is a guitar song; and Brian’s locked in with his click track.

For all that talk about shitty remixes, try this relatively banging version by Erol Alkan via Abeano Music.

It’s Blitz is out via Interscope. YYYs do SNL on 4/11 with host Zac Efron.