New West Indian Girl – “Sofia” & “Indian Ocean”

If you surf to West Indian Girl’s MySpace, you can catch two songs from the forthcoming 4th & Wall. The one-time studio duo, now a fleshier L.A. sextet, is acting every bit its size on the Fleetwood Lips-bombastic “Sofia” (we’ve tried recreating those final howlin’ gal harmonies to no avail … the waving, proggy keys we can do). We’re not as hot on “Indian Ocean,” a mellower and more oceanic ballad, but we do appreciate the Jim Steinman-esque bombast. We also appreciate how this press photo, uh, ties into the aforementioned water theme.

L.A., we love it! But seriously, just what is 4th & Wall besides an address in a neighborhood we rarely visit?

According to vocalist/guitarist Robert James:

It?s in an old warehouse surrounded by a humble community of homeless people living in cardboard boxes and tents. They?re our captive audience, listening to us every night in the rain, cold and sweltering heat. We play for them as much for ourselves. It?s the place where we conjure up spirits and manifest visions– visions of a better place.

The first single “Blue Wave” (more water!) will be up at iTunes on 9/25. The complete 4th & Wall is out 10/23 on Milan.