New Blind Melon – “Sometimes”

For part of the population, Blind Melon remain the band with that bumblebee video (or members of Blender’s 50 Worst Artists In Music History list), but we’ve never been shy about our blind Melon love. The retro-grade L.A. crew continued trucking after their biggest hit, turning out plenty of good material, and would’ve kept going if not for vocalist Shannon Hoon’s death by a drug overdose in 1995. Well, surprisingly, surviving the one-hit wonder jokes and after mourning and taking a break, the band’s found themselves Travis Warren, a cocky young Texan, to front ‘em and are at work on a new record.

We haven’t heard much from the new crew, but “Sometimes” sounds like classic Blind Melon– it’s an ambling Dead-style rootsy groover warmed by studio chatter (and snaps), Warren’s various vocal moves (high, low, whisper), analog keys, and darkened by an ominous “there’s a price you pay when you’re on top of the world.” Ominous, because, well, the price they paid was a stalled career and a 12-year hiatus. Listen at MelonSpace.

There’s also this behind-the-scenes making-of-the-album video with some sweet inner-band love as well as Warren’s admittance that he literally shit himself when asked to join as an official Melon. Dude seems like the upfront sort, so we’ll take his word. Come to think of it, he mentions a “shit storm” in “Sometimes,” too. Fixated, Travis? Okay, we won’t make any BM jokes…

The band will release that new album, their first since 1995, sometime in 2007. For now, you Melonheads can catch ‘em live.

10/07 – Providence, RI @ Decibel at Club Hell
10/09 – New York, NY @ Canal Room
10/11 – Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop
10/13 – Columbus, OH @ The Basement
10/14 – Bowling Green, OH @ Howard’s Club H
10/16 – Chicago, IL @ Double Door
10/18 – Urbana, IL @ The Canopy
10/19 – Toledo, OH @ Frankie’s Inner-City
10/20 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel
10/22 – Allston, MA @ Harper?s Ferry

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