Watch Yo La Tengo Act Out A Seinfeld Episode

When your band’s been together for 25+ years, might as well mix it up: Yo La Tengo’s current tour includes a game show wheel that a selected audience member spins to decide what path trio’s set will take. Spinner attended the 2/4 stop at Metro in Chicago and reports that the wheel includes eight categories — “Condo Fucks,” “Sitcom Theater,” “The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science,” “Spinner’s Choice,” Dump covers, etc. On that particular night, the player landed on “Spinner’s Choice,” allowing him to select any category he wanted. He went for “Sitcom Theater.” The band went Warhol, acting out an entire episode of Seinfeld with the help of their crew. Someone videotaped a large chunk. Ira plays Jerry.

The reading was followed by a 15-minute intermission and 16 songs.