Salva – “40 Karats” (Feat. Zackey Force Funk) (Stereogum Premiere)

Salva is Paul Salva, the going-on-30 year old San Francisco-based/Chicago-rooted producer, Frite Nite label head, and forward thinking beat man who, as of today, has to his name a single, excellent debut LP titled Complex Housing. The album swings liberally through hip hop, synth funk, Chicago house, variants on the aforementioned. Recommended if you like the sorts of things happening at the hands of Girl Unit and Kingdom and their cohorts over at the Night Slugs label. Salva’s chopped and stuttering synth boomer “Blue” bridged Light Asylum and M.I.A. on Stereogum’s first monthly mixtape(s) of 2011; “40 Karats” is more on the swagged-out side of things, cocked-back and glittering late-night production reflecting the big karat diamonds Zackey Force Funk et al lyricize therein. Those two plus the album’s first single “Wake Ups” are here for you.

Salva – “40 Karats” (Feat Zackey Force Funk)

Salva – “Wake Ups”

Salva – “Blue”

Complex Housing is out today via Friends Of Friends.