New Freebass – “I Envy Us”

So looks like Freebass, the bass-y trio of New Order four-stringer Peter Hook, the Smith’s low-end man Andy Rourke, and ex-Stone Roses/current-Primal Scream thunder-sticker Gary “Mani” Mounfield are slapping ‘n’ picking their way closer to a debut. Hook recently told Billboard to possibly expect it before Christmas: Guess he has more time since New Order called it quits. With all the build and the badly punned bass-head name (kinda reminds us of another Pete’s cat), we were expecting the second coming of Sunn O))), so imagine our surprise when we checked out a Freebass tune currently up and ready to be heard.

Indeed “I Envy Us”, streaming at Hook’s MySpace, includes a bit o’ bass, but also drums, guitars, bells, etc. Sorta sounds like Lenny Kravitz teaming up with Joy Division for a “driving” Christmas carol. The band’s still looking for a vocalist, but has reportedly been doing stuff with Charlatans’ Tim Burgess and Stone Roses’ Ian Brown … and they were linked to some Oasis action a ways back. Our biggie question: Why do you guys need a singer when you already have that robotic British lady making sure we know we’re at Peter Hook’s Myspace? Creepy.

Go get ‘em, killer!