Norah Jones Covers Arcade Fire

You’ll need a set of speakers that go to 11, but it’s worth it if only for the curiosity satisfaction: Grammy’s favorite jazzy chanteuse, Norah Jones, covering “Ocean Of Noise.” The recording floating around the web is from Ms. Jones’s 8/31 performance at Poland’s Sopot International Song Competition festival. Norah starts “We’re going to do a cover song that we’ve been doing only this week. It’s a song by a cool band called Arcade Fire. I don’t know if you know them, or like them…” Dead silence. “…but they’re nice and really good and they’re from Canada.”

Well, welcome to the party adult-contemporary/jazz fans! Arcade Fire deserve an expanding audience, and having folks like Norah cover ‘em is gonna help. She does a nice job with it, by the way; pretty reverent, but instead of Win’s whinny you’ve got Norah’s dusty, sultry croon over swelling bottleneck slide and country-jazz undertones. And the palm-muted build-up/ride-out’s beautiful.

So, like we said after the first big Neon Bible cover: Get used to it. Calexico, Foo Fighters, Norah. Who’s next? Mandy Moore, obvs. Listen to Norah’s take at Hypem.

[Pic of Norah from her set at the Delancey 5/12/06 / Pic of Arcade Fire from set at Radio City 5/9/07]