New St. Vincent Video – “Actor Out Of Work”

Directors Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey, known collectively as Terri Timely, gave the warping, distorted “Actor Out Of Work” a straightforward video treatment that runs nicely counter to the song’s strange chord shifts and collusions. The setup: Annie Clark sets herself up with a chair and a boombox in a Los Angeles warehouse and asks a series of actors out of work to cry on commend. They do a good job. She, in the meantime, intones the Actor standout with a straight, albeit intensely dramatic, face. She does a good job, too.

You can check out some of Clark’s thoughts on the clip over at Spinner. She’s seemingly obsessed with animatronics, which she’s now mentioned a couple of times in relation to this record. Next video?

Actor is out 5/5 on 4AD.

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