Rivers Cuomo And Rainn Wilson Cover “One Of Us”

Today’s actor/rocker collab cover posts aren’t over just yet. Unlike a lot of his celeb peers, @rainnwilson’s Twitter doesn’t focus on the fart sandwiches he eats or daily updates of his follower count. He’s self-promotional (soulpancake anybody?), yes, but also he demonstrates wit independent of his sitcom scripts, pretty great taste in music, and hints about covering songs with Rivers Cuomo. For his part, the Weezer man just uses his website to inform people about prospective Rainn collabs. The two met up to record a take on Joan Osbourne’s “One Of Us” to be premiered as part of a countdown/takeover show hosted by Jason Schwarzman on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Alt Nation station, kicking off tonight and extending into the weekend. It’s set to premiere on Sirius tomorrow, except that video of the encounter is right here. Rainn admits to being a “pretty mean bongoist,” and then proves it:

For your iPod:
Rivers Cuomo & Rainn Wilson – “One Of Us” (MP3)

Apparently they also did “Paper Face” from Rivers’s Alone II record, so keep an ear out for that on Sirius.