New Mobius Band – “Friends Like These”

Last we heard from Mobius Band they were in the midst of an escalating, electro-rocking “Subterranean Homesick Alien.” The first single from the Brooklyn trio’s forthcoming sophomore full-length Heaven is a much mellower, less echo-y affair. The boys have left tech-minded Ghostly International for an earthier Misra realm, but those key washes, the sampler chatter, and circuit bending are still in effect.

“Friends Like These” drifts with a kind of distracted sadness; it’s a breeze of blips and swirls shifted by a disco drum swell that’s just enough to get the last dance started. The one-sheet tells us one member’s father died before the band left on their first national tour, and that another’s longtime girlfriend ran off with a close friend. We wouldn’t be going out on a limb to guess this song’s at least partially a response to the latter … yup, don’t need friends like that. The disco flourish makes sense, too: No matter how shitty things get you’ll eventually need to dust yourself off, so why not cut a rug? Sure, Peter Sax sounds like he’d rather do a thousand things before booty shaking, but it’s that conflicted disconnect that makes the song affecting.

Mobius Band – “Friends Like These” (MP3)

Heaven is out 10/2 on Misra.

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