New Drink Up Buttercup – “Sosey & Dosey”

Every even one-sentence mention of the Philadelphia quartet Drink Up Buttercup mentions the Beatles, so I decided I should avoid it at all costs. But then I listened to “Sosey & Dosey” from their “Farewell Captain”-fronted 7″ and it’s my duty to mention the Beatles. Really, though, considering the city they call home, a poppier Strapping Fieldhands makes almost as much sense in fuzzier, low-fi songs like “Gods And Gentlemen” and especially “Seasickness Pills.” They have a spinning circus vibe and shout out loud tendency a la Arcade Fire (but in a very different, less emotionally heavy way). Musically, keys, melodica, drums, and guitars collide with three joyful voices howling. It’s fun (and in this case sorta nonsensical) music that works well late on a Friday afternoon. Sometimes it sounds like they’re yelling “Stosuy” in “Sosey & Dosey,” which freaked me out at first, but otherwise … fun.

Drink Up Buttercup – “Sosey And Dosey” (MP3)

The “Farewell Captain” b/w “Sosey & Dosey” 7″ is out via Kanine. If this is all news to you, check out more at MySpace. Here are the band’s East Coast dates. Expect Midwest dates soon.

4/11 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
4/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Bruar Falls
4/22 – New York, NY @ Santos Party House #
4/28 – Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club %
4/29 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Smalls %
5/08 – Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo
5/13 – New york, NY @ Pianos $
5/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw ^
5/16 – Washington DC, @ Rock N Roll Hotel

# w/ Quintron and Miss Pussycat
% w/ Dr Dog
$ w/ Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers
^ w/ Skeletonbreath