Kanye West’s Interior Decorating: A Lot Like His Sampling Style

Interiordesign.net invites you into the crib of Kanye West, the man who’ll “never return to MTV.” In the pictorial tour, photographer Art Gray captures a side of ‘Ye you’ve never seen before: the man loves his pop art, his shopping bags, and dining under the heavens.

That piece is hanging on his dining room ceiling and is titled A Life Restored, which “pivots around the gleaming brownish flesh tones of Kanye West receiving his new life?s aura from a descending angel.” Also, he’s got quite the sneaker collection…

Can you spot the McFlys?

Unsurprisingly, the pad’s decked in Murakami, from acrylics to pillows. He’s also got a thing for silkscreens (by Warhol and of Marilyn Monroe, to name a couple). Mix that with his attempt to tie together 18th century marble, 19th century wood, and paintings of LeRoy Jetson, and Kanye’s cross-genre audio sampling style’s starts to feel deep-rooted. Authentic, even! Or maybe it starts to reveal itself to be a slapdash mess of A/V inconsistency. None of this is gonna change your mind, but it’ll make good fodder for your next Kanye debate. Take the grand tour for yourself by clicking here, and have your Westian predispositions confirmed.