New Turin Brakes – “Dark On Fire”

You’ll have to insert some personal info to hear it, but if you’re a fan of Fairport Convention or Incredible String Band folkiness, you may want to check out “Dark On Fire,” the stirring stringed title track from Turin Brakes’ fourth album. Thanks to Stefan, who tipped us to the tune being a free download (well, cost is your email addy), mentioning “More people need to hear it!” He’s right; we caught the duo opening up for Coldplay in ’02 at Wembley Arena in London (it’s true), and know they popped up on The OC, but have otherwise been remiss in keeping up with Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian. Looking for a crash course, we tracked down a creepy Three’s A Crowd video for “Stalker,” Dark On Fire’s first single.

Si, the polished lite rock’s really different from “Dark On Fire,” and nowhere near as stringed or stirring. Still, we’d definitely see this if it were a movie (again)! Dig the Olly ‘n’ Gale cameos … tres Hitchcock.

Dark On Fire is out in the UK on 9/17 via Source.

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