Marissa Nadler (featuring Black Hole Infinity) – “The Whole Is Wide”

This week’s Drop brings the dusky folk beauty of Marissa Nadler’s “The Whole Is Wide,” a gorgeous, melancholic ballad she wrote and recorded at Black Hole Studios in Providence. Here’s Marissa on “The Whole Is Wide”:

This is a new song dealing with three different stories coinciding into one main theme. Memory and dream play a large part in the subject matter. Sonically, it is far more layered than my previous work … an indication of the area I am developing towards, with heavy distorted electric guitars and dreamy background vocals.

What are the three stories?

I think leaving the mystery is good…


Okay, we agree to a point, but in the spirit of completism, take this mini cheat sheet: As far as we can tell, on top of flowers and wax, the song includes three characters — Sylvia, who sits in her room in an eyelet dress “painting golden moons,” Layla, who loves a man that dies in a “fiery crash,” and a “more than blue” (i.e., violet) protagonist — each dealing with chilly lonesomeness.

Also, we think it’s one of Marissa’s best songs yet.