‘Gum Drop Giveaway #3

Two lucky winners each win an Official Crown Of Laurel limited-edition Junior Senior cap along with a bundle of rare Junior Senior goods, including a Hey Hey My My yo-yo!

That’s right, the high-energy Danish duo Junior Senior are back with their sophomore release Hey Hey My My Yo Yo. What better way to celebrate than to don an extremely limited edition, custom made Official Crown Of Laurel brand Junior Senior cap? These aren’t your grandfather’s ball caps unless pop pop sports a star ‘n’ plaid “Bermuda Triangle Of Death” hats or toques that eulogize old-school skate parks and celebrate new-school anarchy. If that is the case then, well, pretty cool grandpa. As though a snazzy, small-run hat wasn’t enough, we’re including various Jr. Sr.-related items to get you in the mood to move your feet. Two winners each receive:

– One Custom made hat by Official Crown of Laurel
— One Hey Hey My My Yo Yo CD
— One Junior Senior Poster
— One Junior Senior yo-yo

DMX 300

These are not the hats we’re giving away.