Animal Collective Remix Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Full Version)

Last week we got a bite-sized taste of Animal Collective’s “Zero” remix. Their version of the It’s Blitz! single (and SNL-approved) track shows up as the B-side of a limited-edition 7″. If your turntable’s broken, though, you can hear it now. Where does it rank with the parade of mostly unnecessary remixes? To date, Erol Alkan’s remains the best for cutting rugs. Animal Collective take drugs to make “Zero” to take drugs to, aka it’s a tripped-out under(bong)water dub-fest with pitch shifted vocals and lots of space. In other words, not so surprising. What is surprising is that it feels a bit lazy.

(Via GvB)

To bad it had to fit on the side of a 7″ — would’ve been nice to hear this pulse for another few minutes.

It’s Blitz is out via Interscope. The “Zero” 7″ is available as a limited-edition bonus at Insound.