Radiohead The King Of Limbs Available This Saturday

Between this and Arcade Fire confounding Grammys viewers last night, this should be a fun music-industry-shop-talk day. That’s right, Radiohead, kings of the “It’s up to you, no really it’s up to you” pricing/quick-release album model, are once again quick releasing an LP. This time, however, the price is very much fixed, and so gone is the In Rainbows fan-valuation experiment. The King Of Limbs, Radiohead’s eight LP, is out in digital form this Saturday (MP3s for $9, WAV for $14). If you want something physical and collectible, the other option is “the world’s first Newspaper Album,” which is a package containing the record on two clear vinyl LPs and 625 pieces of art work, and The King on CD, all shipped to you on May 9th, with access to the digital versions at the same time as everyone else. ($48 for the MP3 version, $53 for WAV.) Pre-order the record at

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