New National Video – “Apartment Story”

Sorry if the Stereoserver’s Parse Errors meant you had to get some work done this morning. Let’s make amends with a clip from our favorite Brooklyn thrummers. Here’s the pitch: The National are playing a dim-lit cocktail party with folks too scared to mix it up, la-la-la-laa-laa-laa. Until Matt’s had a chance to tell the crowd about hiding away and obeying the TV a couple few times — that’s when the first soul braves the dancefloor. Feet and hands tap to Devendorf’s pulse, and when Berninger placates the crowd (“So worry not / all things are well / We’ll be alright / We have our looks and perfume”), that’s when the crowd gets shaking. Where’s that lady going at the end? All in all, it’s a higher class version of the Knife’s “Pass This On.” Without a transvestite.

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