New Cracker Video – “Baby All Those Girls Meant Nothing To Me”

Old fave David Lowery wants us to know that all those gals, well, they meant nothing, baby, come on, take him back. Over at his pretty terrific blog he offers a bit of background:

Originally It was titled ?All those whores meant nothing to me?. but kristin hott refused to sing the backing vocals that way. And probably was a good idea to change it. A little off putting to some people I suppose.

Probably. As is, the point’s still well taken in this jump-cut flurry of Winning The Divorce War and Divorce Rules For Men perched on a diving board, dirty cars scrawled with the song title (minus “baby”), flowery Post-it notes, graffiti, gals taking dips in the pool, conquests across the continental US (not Canada?), magazine cutouts, and either “fetish” or “Spanish” MySpace girls. We were leaning toward “Spanish,” but the video does reference bukkake, so who knows?

For that last minute or so when we just get the kicked-to-the-curb Uncle Cracker in a hotel playing bass while dressed like Mr. Rogers sporting a G.I. Joe beard, you sorta miss the earlier flickers. Man, is this what divorce is like?

Nah, over at that aforementioned blog, Lowery also explains:

i actually shot a bunch of cool HD footage at my GF?s fathers house. it?s this 7 acre spread on a hill in the middle of buckhead atlanta. if it were fixed up all of ?hotlanta? would be shooting their videos there. but it ain?t. and that?s what makes the place cool. a real 60?s piece of modernist architecture in a state of antebellum decay. sort of a 10 years past the mid life crisis feel. the corvette used to belong to tammy wynette. cool huh? … anyway the camera decided to die. and stupidly i had it in some proprietary hd mode, and i couldn?t find a deck or camera to transfer the stuff. meanwhile WEQX albany and Y-rock/WXPN philly have started playing this song. so i cut this together in a couple days using only the stills, and some additional footage i did with the built in Isight on my macbook.

Also, you can catch the ol’ videographer reflected in the mirror of one shot– the rawness is a nice (even if unintentional) touch.

“Baby”‘s the second song from Lowery’s YouTube only solo album. Check out the first one, too, while you’re at it. Sweet … almost the fire before the swarm.