Blur Are Back On Texting Terms, Set To Reunite

Has every band that ever broke up or opted to go on “hiatus” decided to get back into the ring? Even Led Zep appear to be getting in the act. (And we await silently Fugazi’s return.) Well, as if Damon Albarn and his cheeky cohorts weren’t busy enough, looks like Blur went and caught themselves a case of reunion fever! Yessir, Damon, Alex, Graham, and David (ah, first-name basis) are gonna dive deep into those Brit pop waters, recording as a quartet for the first time since 2002.

As Alex James explained to NME.COM regarding the upcoming recording sessions (which will reportedly go down in October):

It’s going to happen soon … It’s looking promising …. It’s important for us emotionally not to leave Blur as an unfinished thing. It could be good musically as well.

I texted Graham this morning and got one back … I saw Damon (Albarn) about a month ago and I spoke to Dave yesterday. We’re all talking.

The inner-band love ‘n’ texting’s sweet, but will the sounds be any good? Alex? “Good guitars would be good. But I mainly talk to Graham about mandolins and prog music.”

As we get our heads around that step toward the Rush realm and good ol’ mandolins, why not head over to the band’s official site and take a peek at Alex’s diary. Wonder if any of this this inspires Moz to take the plunge. For $76M, maybe?