White Stripes Bail On ACL, Cite “Nervous Breakdown”

Even though we’ve managed to catch the Stripes twice this year already, we’d be lying if we didn’t say their set at this weekend’s Austin City Limits festival was a big reason for our heading down to Austin on Friday. But we aren’t gonna bitch; sounds like Meg’s in a bad way.

This via No Dessert For You:

The White Stripes have canceled their Austin City Limits appearances scheduled for this weekend, citing a nervous breakdown on the part of comely drummer Meg White. There?s little to no Web coverage yet, but I got the news straight from the horse?s mouth. What?s your deal, Meg? You?re awesome, and your job ain?t that hard.

Well Kelefa would object to the “job ain’t that hard” part, and it looks like maybe Meg would, too; dealing with a peaking Jack probably comes with its valleys. NDFY also reminds that Winehouse and current MTV darlings Rodrigo Y Gabriela have bailed (both citing exhaustion), poking holes in a lineup that, to be fair, still is sturdy.

But what’s up with Meg? Too much Icky touring? Details are welcome. For now, a picture of Meg in happier times.

[via NME]

Wearing red even then, bless her heart.

UPDATE: Explanation via whitestripes.com reveals that Ms. White isn’t suffering a nervous breakdown; it’s “acute anxiety.” Get well soon, Meg! (Thanks, Caitlin)