New Kanye West (Feat. T-Pain) Video – “Good Life”

As much as Kanye runs around drumming up things to brag about/have his feelings hurt by, to his credit, he knows where to look (and what to appropriate) on his cool quest. So that little hipster-beloved French dance duo Justice with excellent taste in videos? Well their victory at the ’06 Euro MTV Awards for “We Are Your Friends” may have set him off, but they got his attention — and a year later, he confessed to TRL that “D.A.N.C.E.” is the shit. And so West did what he does best: Grab the magic t-shirt man So Me for his own surefire autumnal club jam “Good Life,” featuring Faheem Najm (aka T-Pain) and his trusty envelope follower vocal effect, along with plenty of of pop-arty illustrations and fontastic text. Hypercolor us impressed: three (wait, four) clips pre-Graduation day, all watch-worthy.