Beriut Takes The Flying Club Cup To The Street

Zach Condon’s taking over La Blogothèque! Our favorite Jacques Brel-lovin’ 21-year-old already put the Take Away spin on “Sunday Smile,” “Siki, Siki Baba,” “Nantes,” and “The Penalty,” but in a new installment of the series, Condon and his merry Orkestar, re-record the latter two in Condon’s current hometown of Brooklyn. In fact, the La Blog crew promises the entire Flying Club Cup soon will be posted as recorded through their cinematic lenses. Should be cool to see such a stellar record live ‘n’ Gypsy style in NYC’s streets, crumbling buildings (and rooftops, we bet).

For the Parisian “Nantes,” he ambled with an accordionist and his own closed eyes toward a full-on Kocani crew (trash can percussion, brass, tambourine, strings of various sorts), conducting the troupes in front of some woman ‘n’ mammal street art. This time, it’s indoor, with nobody watching but the marching band themselves. Wonder if he always sings ascending songs while descending staircases?

Part two focuses on another Flying standout, “The Penalty.”

This one finds a white t-shirted Condon alone with his uke in front of some McCarren-side tents (très Gap ed) until the camera shoots into the blue sky a while, returning to land after a brief pause, finding him joined by his co-horns for a band-backed rendition.

True, the La Blog peeps romanticize Condon a bit in the text accompanying the Paris shoot, casting the fun-loving dude as some frail ‘n’ frazzled Rimbaud with “skinny yet magical arms,” but otherwise: Top job, monsieurs!