Phoenix Talk “Minimal,” “Experimental” New Album

Phoenix did an interview with Australian website Pedestrian.TV, who talked to the band about their still-untitled followup to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The band were in the middle of getting a Northern New South Wales-based orchestra to record some drum samples. If the percussion sounds right, they’ll return to record something for the next album, because, according to the band, they’re bored with pop:

I think ’cause we do a lot of music with drum machines and we blend a lot [of] drum machines and real drums, I think for us, it’s a way to escape that… You know, there’s something a little frustrating when you do pop music. And drums are the DNA of our music, ’cause we’d like to go somewhere else, we’d like to change that DNA.

I talked to them before the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for a Progress Report. They aren’t big on sharing specifics, but it seems like they’re always trying new environments to write and record in. Watch frontman Thomas Mars and bassist Deck D’arcy talk about their “experimental” next album at Pedestrian.TV.

(via CoS)

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