New Live Black Lips – “Lock & Key”

Black Lips are one of those bands best experienced live, but if the real-life sweat ‘n’ booty shaking’s not possible, hows about diggin’ into a recording of a live performance? Even if you’re answer was no, here’s a recording from the Hotlanta quartet recorded at Amoeba in Hollywood this past July. Swampy!

Black Lips – “Lock & Key (Live)” (MP3)

More of a visual person? We’ve got you covered, too.

Head to, dare you, and come dancin’ to 36 minutes of mustache popping, camaloflauge tees, short shorts, and some in-store crowd interaction. Hate in-store crowd interaction? Picky, picky, but hey … here’s “O Katrina!” audience free.

Good Bad Not Evil is out now on Vice.

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