New Moby Video (Dir. David Lynch) – “Shot In The Back Of The Head”

Moby’s “Ooh Yeah” framed itself as a porn satire with a bunch of sexual innuendo, but no actual money shot. This new animated “Shot In The Back Of The Head” clip involves a different sort of projectile: The colorful ha-ha mood of “Ooh Yeah”‘s jettisoned for an elliptical, somber storyline about a man in love with a disembodied head and the disembodied head who loves him. There are no words, so you’ll need to pay attention to the stark, squiggly black and white imagery. It’s very unlike Moby’s more recent work, which is to say, it’s not annoying.


Turns out David Lynch animated that puppy. As Moby puts it:

i sent him the music and said, ‘please do whatever you want’. so he sat down and drew some animation that is very dark and beautiful.

You can watch the director and the musician discuss old factories at Says Moby, “Our lives should be spent in service of making great art, not accommodating the marketplace.”

“Shot In The Back Of The Head” is from Moby’s Last Night followup Wait For Me, which is out 6/30 via Mute. Yes, he’s fast. The tracklist:

01 “Division”
02 “Pale Horses”
03 “Shot in the Back of the Head”
04 “Study War”
05 “Walk With Me”
06 “Stock Radio”
07 “Mistake”
08 “Scream Pilots”
09 “Jltf 1″
10 “Jltf”
11 “A Seated Night”
12 “Wait for Me”
13 “Hope Is Gone”
14 “Ghost Return”
15 “Slow Light”
16 “Isolate”

Here’s the single to go:
Moby – “Shot In The Back Of The Head” (MP3)

You can read what Moby has to say about it at his site.

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