K Records Turns 25

Don’t know about you, but there was a time we basically purchased anything with the shield ‘n’ the K log affixed to it … we’re talking early/mid 90s in those glorious days of Beat Happening, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Lois, the Softies, Tiger Trap, Karp, etc. Believe it or not, K Records the little Olympia D.I.Y. label that could, was founded twenty-five years ago this month. To celebrate, the folks at Asthmatic Kitty are hosting a “cyber-party” that started yesterday with a real-life cake delivered to K Records’ office via Secretly Canadian.

Since we can’t offer you a slice of the sweet stuff, head over to the AK website and stream a bunch of covers of K artists. There are tracks by Danielson, Adam Gnade, Half-Handed Cloud, as well as a couple we’d like to share with you now: My Brightest Diamond collaborator DM Stith — he did the artwork for Bring Me The Workhorse — putting a world-weary, but somehow breezy spin on the Microphones “You’ll Be In The Air” and Vermont popsters Hello Shark nailing that old K bedroom vibe with a cover of Tender Trap’s “Marry Me.” Total Six Cents & Natalie flashbacks…

DM Stith – “You’ll Be In The Air” (MP3)
Hello Shark – “Marry Me” (MP3)

The Kitties tell us that more tracks will be added as the party continues, including Liz Janes taking on Old Time Relijun and some ex-Lavender Diamond/Pink And Brown project tackling someone else.

It’s always nice to read while you listen (right?), so there’ll also be a bunch of K remembrances, reviews, profiles, and the like on AK’s “sidebar.” It’s all over at the end of September, so hurry up … In the meantime, since we have a couple weeks of partying to do, how ’bout you get us started with your own memories or favorite K bands past ‘n’ present? Or maybe just how much you miss the Microphones…