New Serj Tankian Video – “Empty Walls”

However brief, System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian’s DK ditty with the Foo Fighters was one of the VMAs highlights. Stepping outside SOAD and behind a mini-piano for the second video from his debut solo shot Elect the Dead, the king of hyper facial expressions and operatic crescendo has traded in Dave Grohl and the boys for a magician’s outfit and preschoolers practicing serious war games amid a code red Playground Terror Alert.

We get the metaphor — guns, ticker tape confetti, tearing down teddy bear effigies, the silly string (duh), and it doesn’t get much more blunt than creepy Abu Ghraib echoes — but what’s the significance of drowning in a sea of plastic balls?

Elect the Dead is out 10/23 on the wonderfully named Serjical Strike & Warner Bros.