New Los Campesinos! Video – “International Tweexcore Underground”

Exclamatory Cardiff indie-pop septet Los Campesinos!, “the second most punk-rock band in Britain,” reference Henry Rollins, Beat Happening, Minor Threat, Sarah Records, Heavenly, and International Pop Underground, amongst other indie-pop ‘n’ punk ephemera, in their raucous “International Tweexcore Underground.” The Monkmus-directed video for the live staple’s ebullient and Broken Social Scenery chewing as you’d expect … It’s like a high-school drama made by folks you’d actually want to hang out with! Right, perfect for you ‘n’ me dancing.

Wow, that instrumental explosion after the night-lit park-side scene (Karl Hendricks Trio nodding?) is worth every exclamation point the band’s ever used! Don’t think we’ve had had this fun since I’m From Barcelona swayed their way into our hearts with weird glasses and an even weirder mullet. One thing to clear up, though: Remember how LC! said (well, sang) they didn’t care about Rollins or Amelia Fletcher? The “International Tweexcore Underground” single will have B-side covers of Heavenly and Black Flag. Liars!

“International Tweexcore Underground” is out 10/15 on Wichita

And keep up with Los C! textually, too, via their equally upbeat blog.