Austin City Limits ’07: Toilet Fire

Before things really could get cooking at the Austin City Limits festival yesterday, they went up in flames. The horizon line behind the AT&T mainstage became an eerie sight around 2:30PM, when massive plumes of black smoke billowed and consumed a chunk of the otherwise perfect ‘n’ clear Texan skies. Officials held a press conference in the media area around 3PM (when the fire was extinguished), although our info comes from overhearing an official talking on her cell to another interested party.

Apparently an RV, either housing or crashing into a propane tank, ran off road and incinerated a number of porta potties. Two were critically injured in the crash, and a few more during the resulting stampede. Heard it was a restricted-access area (staff only, maybe), which served to contain the hysteria and, likely, the burn count. Pete Yorn’s set was delayed a spell while firemen controlled the inferno, but the rest of the day moved ahead regularly, save the “Yo man did you see that fucking fire today? That shit was crazy!” small talk and tasteful “Who farted?” jokes fest-wide. Honestly, it was pretty crazy, but we’re glad most were able to move on and enjoy ACL Day One. Our thoughts to those who weren’t so fortunate.

Friday report on its way.

UPDATE: For those in disbelief, the shitty proof comes via Chromewaves’s Flickr