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Assaulter – “Into Submission” (Stereogum Premiere)

It might seem like a generic or tossed-off title, but it’s perfectly fitting (and insightfully so) that riff-happy Australian “true metal” trio Assaulter named their sophomore album Boundless: The speed-y eight-song collection ups, hones, and sharpens the energy of their fine 2008 debut Salvation Like Destruction, creating an unrelenting blackened thrash explosion that despite the increased tempos and heavier production maintains that buzzing, oddly soulful ’80s atmosphere and half-time swing. It’s one of 2011’s best, a collection you should pair with Vreid’s also excellent V when you’re in a particularly filthy mood. Listen to vocalist/guitarist S. Berserker (ex-Deströyer 666), guitarist T. Hellfinder, and drummer P. Hunt (Razor Of Occam) grinding through standout “Into Submission.”

Assaulter – “Into Submission”


01 “Entrance”
02 “Outshine”
03 “Into Submission”
04 “Slave to King”
05 “The Perpetual War”
06 “Exalt the Master”
07 “Dying Day”
08 “The Great Subterfuge”

Boundless is out 3/15 in North America — as part of Primordial frontman Alan Nemtheanga’s Poison Tongue Records — via Metal Blade. They posted another album track “Dying Day” at MySpace. You can pre-order Boundless now.

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