30 Seconds To Mars Cover Kanye West

Poor 50 Cent … Kanye’s on everybody’s minds and iPods these days: And when we say everybody, we also mean emo whipping boy Jared Leto. Recently, 30 Seconds To Mars got all Pink Floyd-y on Jo Whiley for a breathy, alt-snore take on “Stronger.” Maybe it’s not all that silly in theory, but you only need to get to Leto singing “you could be my black Kate Moss tonight” before eyes start rolling into your head. Take a listen at MySpace and make sure to have your hankies ready for the finale.

RELATED: Kanye took on The Office’s Rainn Wilson in a name-that-lyric showdown at the Emmys last night. Vid of the 50 Cent/MTV in-joking bit after the jump, best line coming from moderator Wayne Brady, after West ended “Stronger” with “That’s how long I’ve been on YOU”: “The last line of the song, sadly, is ‘that’s how long I’ve been on YA’ … You picked a bad time to speak properly.”